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Tea Cut  

Dried whole leaf.


Dried whole leaf grounded up.


Private selection. Crushed dried leaf.

Available in 10 Gram units.

Kratom Capsules

Kratom Tea Kit

Taffy Kash

Premium kratom extract.

4 grams per unit.

Liquid kratom in tincutre form

1/2 oz per unit.

What are the effects of Kratom?

Powder consists of concentrated powdered leaves and generally is stronger than the leaves themselves.


KRATOM Extract

Kratom Extract Micro Powder

Non Extract Capsules
Supreme MAENG DA.
Available in 10, 20, & 40 count per unit.

Enhanced Capsules

Blend of Supreme MAENG DA and 20x Extract micro powder.

Available in 10, 20, & 40 count per unit.

Available in "0" & "00" size capsules. Custom counts per unit available.


Kratom TEA KIT



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Standardized 40x micro powder extract.
3 gram per unit.

Standardized 60x micro powder extract.
3 grams per unit.

Kratom is unique because it induces distinct effects depending on the serving portions. Remarkably, Kratom has both stimulating and opiate-like qualities as if chewing coca leaves and smoking opiates simultaneously. The enjoyment comes on fairly quickly, within five to ten minutes, and is remarkably pleasurable, The experience has been described as similar to opiate-based products, but milder. At small servings, the effects of Kratom are stimulant and euphoric. An individual will feel more alert, talkative, socialable, and energetic. Sexual energy is also frequently increased. At higher servings, Kratom produces extreme euphoric effects that are often accompanied by closed-eye visuals. The effects last for about 4-6 hours, but the residual lingering effects may last longer.

Dried leaves are the most common form of Kratom. The quality of the leaves are the most important factor in the strength of Kratom. "Super" or "Premium" leaves have green petiole and generally come from the central and southern regions of Thailand. "Commercial" leaves are a blend of  different colors. These leaves can come from various parts of South-East Asia, as well as from around the world.

Purple Sticky Kratom Leaf is primarily of the green/white veined, which is superior in quality and harvested year round in Indonesia.

All in one kratom tea kit. Includes:

1 gram Taffy Kash Resin

4 grams Premium Crushed Kratom Leaf

Tea Bag

Tea Recipe


Standardized 40x micro powder extract.

Size "0"

5 capsules per unit.


Standardized 60x micro powder extract.

Size "0"

5 capsules per unit.

Kratom Tincture


Kratom Extract Capsules

Other KRATOM Products

Kratom Micro Powder

Extract is the strongest form. Extract is prepared by lengthy boiling and numerous straining of the leaves, which produces a sticky substance (also known as resin). This resin is poured off and evaporated to an extract.

Purple Sticky Extract is manufactured in a state-of-the-art FDA approved laboratory which employs custom industrial liquid-solid extraction and distillation apparatus.

Kratom Resin

Kratom Leaf

KRATOM Micro-Powder & Capsules

Non Extract Micro Powder
Supreme MAENG DA.
Available in 10 & 20 gram units.

Enhanced Extract Micro powder
Blend of Supreme MAENG DA and 20x Extract micro powder.
Available in 8 & 15 gram units.





ENHANCED Micro Powder